Discover the Magic of Essential Oil Oracle Cards

Discover Aromatherapy Oracle Cards

what are essential oil oracle cards?

essential oil oracle cards like magic oils mantra cards, are a tool used for divination and guidance. each card features an essential oil, along with an affirmation or message. they can help users tap into the energy and healing properties of essential oils, providing guidance and support on their spiritual journey.

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Discover Aromatherapy Oracle Cards

Magic Mantra Cards have been specially created for people who are seeking balance, healing and transformation from the power of essential oils. So let’s unlock the healing, transformative properties inside and dive into this incredible journey. 

Transform your mindset and wellbeing with the Magic Oils Mantra Cards. Our 54 cards will help you to learn how to use essential oils and pair them with affirmations and powerful mantras to uplift and enhance your energy and wellbeing. With just £20 and free postage and packaging in the UK, you can enjoy this wonderful set of cards to help you on your journey. 

Unlock the hidden potential of the plant kingdom with Magic Oil Mantra Cards containing 54 beautiful cards. Each card includes a stunning picture, a powerful affirmation, and an insightful message that will bring peace, balance, and guidance to your daily life. Whether you use them during meditation or yoga sessions, aromatherapy practice or wellbeing classes – these vibrant cards are sure to help focus energy while inspiring positive growth in all aspects of life.

Tap into the power of essential oils and unlock a potential within yourself with Magic Oils Mantra Cards. Crafting a bridge between nature and our daily lives, this comprehensive card deck will guide you on an inspirational journey to transform your life one drop at a time. Packed full of powerful essential oil mantras and affirmations, these Essential Oil cards offer everything you need to get the most out of your favourite therapeutic-grade oils.

"Absolutely stunning cards, thank you, I used them on Friday for an Aromatherapy workshop for teenagers with mental health concerns and they loved them. Thank you."
"I bought Magic Oils Mantra Cards. They are absolutely beautiful. One side of each card has a mantra for the essential oil and the other side has information on its various properties and how to use the essential oil. I highly recommend these cards."

Ways to use

essential oils are powerful tools in supporting your wellness due to their diverse range of therapeutic uses. not only can they be used as a form of aromatherapy, but they can also be used topically to promote healthy skin and ward off environmental threats. magic oils mantra cards are a great way to learn the individual benefits associated with each essential oil and how best to use it in order to get the most out of its properties for your particular wellness needs.

these cards are a powerful tool to help you balance your energy and focus on developing a more holistic lifestyle. this deck will bring peace of mind and tranquillity into your everyday life. each card contains a powerful affirmation/ mantra for you to meditate on and work with in order to gain positive energy and vibes. 
Magic Oils Mantra Cards are an invaluable resource when using essential oils to support emotional and spiritual wellbeing. The cards are loaded with potent affirmations, which can be imprinted on the subconscious mind to help create positive change in one's life.
As a lover of essential oils and aromatherapy, Magic Oils Mantra Cards are a great way to add more joy to my day. I like to shuffle the cards, close my eyes and pick one randomly. Every pick is packed with power and insight that can help me in the present moment. Working with the affirmation of each card throughout the day helps me to connect more deeply with myself and understand better how I can find joy in whatever I am doing. Magic Oils Mantra Cards help bring balance to my mind, heart & soul during this tumultuous time and that's why I turn to them every day.
Magic Oils Mantra Cards provide a great way to combine essential oil aromatherapy with the ancient practice of using mantras and affirmations for spiritual, emotional and mental growth. When I'm feeling overwhelmed or stuck in a negative cycle, I turn to Magic Oils for their helpful range of essential oils. They focus on uplifting scents like orange and lime, which provide an immediate boost with their zesty notes. To maximize the benefits, I also like to tap into the oils' therapeutic benefits by either inhaling its aroma directly or diffusing it throughout my space. This helps fill even small spaces with the beneficial energy of Magic's uplifting aroma blends.
affirmation cardsDiscover The Magic Of Essential Oil Oracle Cards
Transform Your Health & Wellness With The Help Of Aromatherapy Cards

Transform your health & Wellness with the help of Aromatherapy Cards

specially designed for all kinds of essential oil users — from beginners just getting started with their first bottle of lavender or tea tree oil to seasoned practitioners hosting regular meditation circles join in.

if you're looking for a fun and easy way to learn how to use essential oils, look no further than the magic oils mantra cards. they are perfect essential oil cards for learning about the benefits of essential oils and how to use them in your everyday life. with the magic oils mantra cards, you can enjoy the healing power of essential oils and powerful affirmations together. 

There are two additional cards in the deck one for safety guidelines and the other guiding you on how to use the cards.

Looking to revitalize your self-care routine? Let these essential oil cards be the perfect guide! They provide helpful tips and ideas on how you can utilize these powerful oils in areas like relaxation, beauty, skincare, sleep optimization and even meditation. This could become just the tool that helps make a positive difference in your life today!

— magic oils mantra cards will bring an extra touch of inspiration every time. so why not let these cards help make our mission easier by unlocking the amazing power that lies in each one of them? let's use affirmations to attract the healing wonders we seek!

"Just received my ordered set of Magic Oils Mantra Cards. Wow! they are amazing n came so beautifully packaged. Love them. 💕💕"
"Hi Deanna... I just wanted to say thank you for my Magic Oil Mantra Cards... I've received them today, and they are absolutely beautiful...! They're perfect; and just what I was looking for; so thank you... with love and sparkles... Mandy xx

why i created this Essential Oil Card Deck

HI, I am Deanna Thomas, an international best-selling author and qualified Aromatherapist & Wellness Coach. My passion is to create something unique that people can use to improve their daily lives and bring them joy. I specialize in helping people find balance, reduce stress, and enhance well-being through natural remedies such as essential oils and holistic therapies. My books have been translated into multiple languages and have reached audiences around the world. I also provide individualized coaching services tailored to each person's needs - from creating a custom essential oil blend for physical or emotional healing, to setting healthy goals for personal growth with the help of my essential oil oracle card deck that provides clarity and guidance.

Magic Oils Mantra Cards have changed the way I practice self-care. Before using these aromatherapy essential oil cards, I was unaware of how powerful affirmations and essential oils could be together. These cards are specially designed to pair certain essential oils with helpful affirmations, creating a holistic experience for deepening self-awareness.

My mission is to empower people on their journey of self-discovery through the use of pure essential oils to bring balance and harmony into their lives. I worked with card deck designer Vicki Nicolson to create this beautiful essential oil deck of cards that provides easy-to-follow instructions on how to use essential oils for emotional wellbeing, and physical healing. 
In addition to my aromatherapy studies, I have obtained certifications in energy medicine techniques such as Reiki, Traditional Chinese Acupuncture, Aromapressure Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Light Therapy Healing and numerous other modalities. 

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