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Reflexology A Holistic Approach to Wellness 

Are you looking for a natural and non-invasive way to improve your health and wellbeing? 

Reflexology may be just what you need. This alternative therapy has been around for centuries and is gaining popularity as a complementary treatment for various health conditions. discover the basics of reflexology, its benefits, and how it works.

What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is an ancient practice that has been used for centuries to alleviate pain and promote healing. By targeting specific pressure points in the feet, These points, also known as reflex areas, correspond to different organs, glands, and body systems. By stimulating these reflex areas, reflexologists believe that they can promote healing and balance in the body.  
 the origins of reflexology: Reflexology has a long and fascinating history that dates back to ancient Egypt and China. The first recorded evidence of foot massage for healing purposes was found in a tomb in Egypt, dating back to 2500 BC. In China, reflexology was practiced as part of traditional medicine, and it is still widely used today. .
Modern reflexology, as we know it today, was developed in the early 20th century by a physiotherapist named Eunice Ingham. She mapped out the reflex areas on the feet and hands and developed techniques for applying pressure to these areas. Her work has influenced the practice of reflexology worldwide and has led to the development of different reflexology schools and approaches. 
the many benefits of reflexology:
 reflexology has been shown to improve sleep quality, helping you to wake up feeling refreshed and energized.  
reflexology stimulates the nervous system to reduce stress and promote relaxation. it's a simple and effective way to unwind after a long day.
reflexology helps to stimulate the body's natural defence mechanisms, improving immune function and helping you to stay healthy.
reflexology helps to increase blood flow to the body's organs and tissues, improving overall circulation and delivering vital nutrients.
reflexology targets specific pressure points to relieve pain and tension, promoting a sense of wellbeing and relaxation.
reflexology is a natural, non-invasive way to promote balance and harmony throughout the body, supporting your overall health and wellbeing.

About Reflexologist Deanna Thomas

I'm an experienced & qualified Reflexologist  and a licensed Acupuncturist (BSc Hons). I love practising Reflexology, and my clients love receiving it too. I have been practising Reflexology since 2007, and over the years, I have gone on to undertake CPD training learning additional types of Reflexology, which you can find out more about below.  

As a sensitive Reflexologist, I can detect tiny deposits and imbalances in the feet. By working on these areas of the feet, I can release blockages and restore the free flow of energy to the whole body.  I strive to make each session special, creating a safe and comfortable environment where my clients can relax and feel at ease.

As a VTCT-qualified Clinical Reflexologist, I am registered with the FHT. If you are in receipt of a health care plan or membership, you may be able to claim the cost of your treatments back. I offer appointments for reflexology, maternity reflexology, hot stone reflexology, fertility reflexology, crystal reflexology and acu-reflex at my wellbeing clinic in Acklam, Middlesbrough. I welcome clients from all across the northeast.

Here's what my clients say

"In another relaxing reflexology session today, Deanna picked up on areas where I had issues. I never mentioned these to her, but working on my feet and chatting, I asked her what was coming up, and the areas she picked up on were exact. I always feel like walking on air when I leave, putting me in a calming, relaxed mood. Highly recommend it for relaxation and balancing your body plus, Deanna is just such a lovely lady to work with and very very knowledgeable and experienced."
I recently had an Aroma Stone Reflexology Treatment and it was amazing! deanna was very knowledgeable and used a variety of techniques to give me a truly unique experience. My feet felt so relaxed and refreshed afterwards. I felt like I was walking on cloud nine for days after! I would highly recommend this treatment to anyone looking for a unique way to relax and unwind. It's definitely worth the time and money!
I recently had the acu reflex and am impressed with the results. It's relaxing and an effective way to stimulate your body's natural healing powers. After having it regularly, I've noticed an increase in my energy level and a decrease in my muscle aches and pains. I recommend this treatment to anyone looking for a relaxing way to naturally boost their health and wellbeing.

Reflexology Treatment Menu


Discover the power of acupuncture and reflexology through Acu Reflex. 

Acu Reflex is an integrative approach to health that combines acupuncture and reflexology. Acupuncture involves the insertion of thin needles into specific points on the ears to stimulate the flow of energy or Qi. Reflexology, on the other hand, involves applying pressure to specific points on the hands and feet that correspond to different parts of the body. By combining these two techniques, Acu Reflex aims to enhance the body's natural healing ability and restore balance.By combining the benefits of acupuncture and reflexology.
Acu Reflex can help: 
  • Relieve Pain: Acu Reflex can help alleviate pain and discomfort in various parts of the body 
  • Reduce Stress and Anxiety: Acu Reflex can promote relaxation and reduce stress and anxiety levels
  • Improve Sleep Quality: Acu Reflex can help improve sleep quality and duration, making it a useful therapy for individuals with sleep disorders
  • Enhance Digestive Function: Acu Reflex can help improve digestive function and alleviate symptoms of conditions such as IBS and acid reflux
  • treatments include the use of ear seeds 
Acu Reflex is a powerful approach to health and wellness that combines the ancient healing techniques of acupuncture and reflexology. By stimulating specific points on the body, Acu Reflex can help individuals achieve optimal physical, mental, and emotional well-being. If you are looking for a natural and effective way to improve your health, consider exploring the benefits of Acu Reflex.  


Reflexology treats the whole body, mind and soul. 

The feet are treated to restore balance to the whole body, using gentle pressure to the reflex points to trigger a response or stimulation in the corresponding part of the body utilising the zones channel of energy or “Chi”. 

reflexology is based on the principle that there are reflex areas on the feet, hands, and ears that correspond to different parts of the body. for example, the tips of the toes are believed to correspond to the head, while the arches of the feet correspond to the organs in the abdomen. by applying pressure to these reflex areas, reflexologists believe that they can stimulate the corresponding body parts and promote healing 

Aroma Stone Reflexology

This luxurious treatment uses various massage techniques, including finger pressure, warmed aroma stones and essential oils. It helps the body to relax at its deepest level, creating harmony and balance. 

The subtle energies of stones introduced into the treatment calm the senses, relax muscle tension and promote a meditative state. The stones help activate the energy channels on the reflex points.

The use of hot stones enhances the therapeutic effects of reflexology by providing deep, penetrating heat to the affected areas. This heat helps to relax the muscles and increase blood flow, which can in turn improve the effectiveness of the reflexology techniques.

Crystal Sole Revitalisation Reflexology

This beautiful treatment combines Reflexology with Crystal healing to enhance your therapy and relaxation. 

Crystal reflexology works by using crystals to amplify the healing properties of reflexology. The crystals are chosen based on their specific properties and are placed on or near the reflex points to enhance the effects of the therapy. As the therapist applies pressure to the reflex points, the crystals help to balance and restore the body's natural energy flow.

Crystals are used throughout this treatment to connect with your feet to help remove blockages and release any trapped emotions. A complete chakra balance is applied to the feet; your reflexes are energetically cleansed and cleared, leaving your energy channels rebalanced.

Fertility Reflexology

Reflexology is an alternative therapy that involves applying pressure to specific reflex points on your feet or hands to stimulate the corresponding organs or systems in your body. Fertility reflexology is a specialized form of reflexology that focuses on improving your reproductive health and enhancing your chances of conceiving.

Fertility reflexology is based on the idea that our feet and hands contain reflex points that correspond to various organs and systems in our body, including our reproductive system. By stimulating these reflex points, fertility reflexologists aim to promote balance and harmony in the body, which can help to optimize reproductive health and fertility.

Maternity Reflexology

Maternity reflexology is a form of reflexology that is specifically designed for pregnant women. It involves applying gentle pressure to specific points on the feet, hands, and ears, which correspond to different parts of the body. This pressure stimulates the body's natural healing abilities, promoting physical and emotional wellbeing during pregnancy.
Maternity reflexology works by stimulating the nervous system, improving blood circulation, and releasing tension in the body. By applying pressure to specific points on the feet, hands, and ears. 

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