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Are You Facing the Stress of a Breech Baby?

Discovering that your baby is in a breech position can be both stressful and worrying. You might feel anxious about potential complications and the possibility of a caesarean section. But what if there was a natural, effective way to encourage your baby to turn into the optimal position for birth?

Introducing moxibustion for breech babies, a safe and ancient technique offered by Deanna Thomas, a qualified Acupuncturist with postgraduate training in Maternity and Obstetrics.

Studies have shown promising results for moxibustion in turning breech babies to a head-down position, with success rates reported between 65-72%. This non-invasive technique has gained recognition for its potential effectiveness in managing breech presentations. The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) acknowledges moxibustion as a viable treatment option for women with breech presentation.

Experience the benefits of this time-honoured method with Deanna Thomas, who combines her professional expertise and personal understanding to provide the best care possible.

Moxibustion therapy Middlesbrough
Trusted Moxibustion for Breech Babies in Middlesbrough at Deanna Thomas Acupuncture & Wellbeing Clinic
We're located in Acklam, Middlesbrough, and welcome clients from all across the Northeast for trusted moxibustion treatments for breech babies.
"Deanna Thomas, a highly qualified moxibustion practitioner with specialized training in maternity and obstetrics, offers effective treatments for breech babies. Serving Middlesbrough and the Northeast, Deanna combines professional expertise with personal experience to provide the best care possible."
Expert Moxibustion Practitioner Deanna Thomas for Breech Babies in Middlesbrough
Deanna Thomas, a highly qualified moxibustion practitioner with specialised training in maternity and obstetrics, offers effective treatments for breech babies. Serving Middlesbrough and the Northeast, Deanna combines professional expertise with personal experience to provide the best care possible.
Effective Moxibustion Treatment for Breech Babies by Deanna Thomas in Middlesbrough
Effective Moxibustion Treatment for Breech Babies by Deanna Thomas in Middlesbrough
Experience effective moxibustion treatment for breech babies with Deanna Thomas in Middlesbrough. Deanna uses specialised techniques to encourage natural turning, providing personalised care for expecting mothers across the Northeast.

“I highly recommend Deanna’s moxibustion services. Not only is she knowledgeable, but her personal experience with breech babies really reassured me. The sessions were relaxing, and it was such a relief when my baby turned head-down. Thank you, Deanna!”

—Emily R.

Why Moxibustion Could Be the Solution You’re Looking For

Moxibustion is a Traditional Chinese Medicine practice that involves burning a herb called mugwort to stimulate specific acupuncture points on the body. This gentle heat therapy can encourage fetal movement, helping your breech baby to turn head-down naturally.

Benefits of Moxibustion for Breech Babies

  1. Non-Invasive and Safe: Unlike some medical procedures, moxibustion is non-invasive and poses no risk to you or your baby.

  2. Comfort and Relaxation: The process of moxibustion is relaxing and can provide you with a sense of calm and well-being during a potentially stressful time.

  3. Natural and Effective: Studies and clinical experience have shown that moxibustion can effectively turn breech babies, reducing the need for a caesarean section. 

Deanna Thomas offering moxibustion treatments for breech babies
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Deanna Thomas is a highly qualified acupuncturist with specialised postgraduate training in maternity and obstetrics. As a mum of three, she knows first-hand the challenges of a breech pregnancy. During her first pregnancy, Deanna's baby was breech, and she had to undergo an unpleasant External Cephalic Version (ECV). Unfortunately, this was before she became a licensed acupuncturist and knew about the benefits of moxibustion for breech babies.

Now, with her professional training and personal experience, Deanna has seen how effective moxibustion can be in her clinic. She combines her expertise with a deep empathy for her clients, providing the best possible care. Deanna is confident that moxibustion can help you too.

Take control of your birthing experience with the natural, safe, and effective method of moxibustion. Book your session with Deanna Thomas, an expert who understands your concerns and is dedicated to helping you achieve the best possible outcome for you and your baby.

“Deanna was amazing! I was so nervous when I found out my baby was breech, but she explained the moxibustion process thoroughly and made me feel at ease. After a few sessions, my baby turned, and I was able to have a natural birth. I couldn’t be more grateful!”

—Sarah M.

What is Moxa and How Does It Work for Breech Babies?

Moxa, also known as mugwort, is a herb used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for its warming properties. When used in moxibustion, dried moxa is burned near specific acupuncture points on the body to stimulate healing and improve energy flow.

How Moxa Works for Breech Babies

For breech babies, moxibustion involves applying heat from burning moxa to an acupuncture point located on the little toe. This specific point is believed to encourage fetal movement and can help the baby turn into the head-down position. The gentle warmth stimulates the body's energy, promoting movement and helping the baby to shift naturally.

What to Expect During a Moxibustion Session

When you come in for a moxibustion session with Deanna Thomas, you can expect a calm and supportive environment. Here’s a step-by-step overview of what typically happens:

  1. Consultation: Deanna will start with a consultation to understand your pregnancy journey, any concerns you may have, and to explain the moxibustion process in detail.

  2. Preparation: You will be asked to lie down comfortably. Deanna will then locate the acupuncture point on your little toe.

  3. Moxibustion: Deanna will light the moxa stick and hold it close to the acupuncture point, allowing the gentle heat to stimulate the area. This process is painless and many find it relaxing.

  4. Monitoring: Throughout the session, Deanna will monitor you and your baby’s movements, ensuring you are comfortable and relaxed.

  5. Aftercare: Deanna will provide guidance on how you can continue the treatment at home, including safety instructions and techniques for best results. We welcome you to come with a partner, as we can also show them how to do a treatment for you at home. We have kits available that you can purchase and take away. 

  6. Studies show that moxibustion for turning a breech baby is typically performed once or twice daily for optimal results. The duration of each session is usually around 15-20 minutes, and the treatment is generally continued for 7-14 days.

    Each session typically lasts around 30-45 minutes. Many women report feeling relaxed during and after the treatment, and some notice their baby starting to move into the head-down position after a few sessions.

By choosing moxibustion with Deanna Thomas, you are opting for a natural, non-invasive method to help turn your breech baby, supported by a professional who combines expertise with personal experience.

Is moxibustion safe for me and my baby? Deanna Thomas - Acupuncture and Wellbeing moxibustion for breech babies Northeast

Is Moxibustion Safe for Me and My Baby?

Yes, moxibustion is a safe, non-invasive treatment for both mother and baby when performed by a qualified acupuncturist. It has been used for centuries to help with various health issues, including breech presentation, without adverse effects.

When Should I Start Moxibustion for a Breech Baby?

The optimal time to start moxibustion is between 32 and 38 weeks of pregnancy, ideally around 34 weeks.

When should I start moxibustion for a breech baby? Deanna Thomas - Acupuncture and Wellbeing moxibustion for breech babies Northeast

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