Fertility Acupuncture with Deanna Thomas

Meet Deanna Thomas, BSc (Hons), Lic.Ac, MBAcC, DipObsGyn – Our Dedicated Fertility Acupuncturist

Why Choose Our Fertility Acupuncture Clinic? 

Deanna Thomas, BSc (Hons), Lic.Ac, MBAcC, DipObsGyn – Our Dedicated Fertility Acupuncturist

At our award-winning clinic, we're proud to be led by Deanna Thomas, a distinguished practitioner with over five years of clinical experience in treating infertility with acupuncture. 

Her extensive education, rooted in London South Bank University and the Northern College of Acupuncture, forms the foundation of her expert care. Deanna's expertise is further enhanced by her Postgraduate Diploma in Fertility, Gynaecology, and Obstetrics from the College of Integrated Chinese Medicine.

Specialising in fertility and women's health, Deanna offers a unique and effective approach, combining traditional techniques with the latest advancements in the field. Her membership with the British Acupuncture Council, FHT, and the Acupuncture Fertility Network is a testament to her deep commitment to addressing various fertility challenges.

With a hands-on approach and a compassionate understanding of fertility's complexities, Deanna's expertise has been a cornerstone in helping countless individuals and couples navigate their journey to parenthood.

Welcome to Your Journey with Fertility Acupuncture

Hello and welcome! If you're exploring the world of acupuncture, particularly for fertility, you've taken a brave and hopeful step towards your wellness journey. 

I'm Deanna Thomas, and I'm here to guide and support you through this transformative experience. As a dedicated fertility acupuncturist, my passion lies in helping couples achieve their dreams of parenthood through the natural and holistic approach of acupuncture. 

In my practice, I have witnessed the remarkable journey of numerous couples who have successfully conceived naturally through the help of fertility acupuncture, often bypassing the need for more invasive procedures like IVF. this is a path that not only aligns with the body's natural rhythms but also offers a significant respite from the often substantial costs associated with assisted reproductive technologies.

Understanding Where You Are

Embarking on the journey of fertility can be filled with mixed emotions. Whether you're just starting to explore your options, or you've been navigating the challenges of fertility for a while, acupuncture offers a holistic and nurturing path. It's normal to feel a mixture of hope, curiosity, and perhaps even a bit of uncertainty. That's completely okay and you're not alone.

What is Fertility Acupuncture?

Fertility acupuncture, a centuries-old tradition, enhances reproductive health by inserting fine needles into specific points to balance energy flow. It addresses not only physical health but also emotional and mental well-being. 

Recognising infertility as a concern affecting both genders, with 30-50% cases involving male factors, our clinic emphasizes the importance of sperm health. Low morphology or quality impacts implantation and conception, underscoring the need for holistic treatment approaches that cater to both partners in the fertility journey.

Why Consider Fertility Acupuncture?

Many turn to acupuncture as a natural way to enhance fertility. It's known for reducing stress, improving blood flow to reproductive organs, and balancing hormones - all crucial factors in fertility. Whether you're just starting to explore fertility options, undergoing treatments like IVF, or looking for holistic support, acupuncture can be a valuable part of your journey.

Acupuncture is gaining popularity among celebrities for its benefits in fertility and pregnancy. Stars like Celine Dion, Natalie Portman, and Mariah Carey have used acupuncture to assist in conceiving and maintaining health during pregnancy. These examples highlight acupuncture's role in supporting fertility and overall health during pregnancy.

Fertility Acupuncture with Deanna Thomas - Nurturing Your Path to Parenthood at Our Middlesbrough Clinic

When you visit Deanna Thomas for fertility support, expect a warm and understanding environment. I am here to guide and support you with treatments that are tailored to your individual needs, helping you on your journey to parenthood. Regular sessions with me can help your body prepare for conception, and we'll be with you every step of the way, offering comfort and care as you move closer to your dream of starting a family.

our clinic is situated at the house in acklam

Nestled in the heart of Acklam Shops in Middlesbrough, our fertility acupuncture clinic is uniquely situated in a building that once served as a general practitioner's surgery. This space, rich in its history of healing and care, has been lovingly transformed into a serene sanctuary for our clients.  

We are pleased to offer free parking facilities at Acklam Shops, located within a bustling shopping precinct.

A Warm Welcome Awaits You

From the moment you arrive for your appointment, our waiting area is designed to be a tranquil sanctuary where relaxation begins. We believe the journey to wellness starts as soon as you walk through our doors. 

A Safe Space for Healing

In our sessions, you'll find a safe, nurturing environment. I understand the sensitivities and emotions around fertility. 

Here, you can relax, let go of stress, and find a supportive space to focus on your wellbeing. Every session is tailored to your unique needs, ensuring a personal and caring experience.

Fertility Acupuncture: how much does it cost to work with me?

In the realm of fertility acupuncture, the key to success often lies in the cumulative effect of regular, consistent treatments. Evidence-based research in this field supports the notion that the benefits of acupuncture build over time, particularly when it comes to enhancing fertility. 

This is why I advocate a committed approach to treatment, recommending a structured, 4-month program of weekly acupuncture sessions for my fertility patients. This duration is carefully chosen to align with the process of follicular genesis, the natural cycle of follicle development, which typically spans three to four months. By synchronizing our acupuncture treatments with your cycle, we aim to optimize each phase of follicular development, thereby enhancing the overall fertility potential.

During these four months, each acupuncture session builds upon the last, creating a foundation for improved fertility. This approach is not just about addressing immediate symptoms; it's a journey towards creating a more fertile environment within your body. The regularity of the treatments allows for a holistic and sustained influence on hormonal balance, egg quality, sperm quality (male fertility treatment), blood flow to the reproductive organs, and stress reduction – all key factors that can significantly impact fertility. 

By committing to this comprehensive program, you're investing in immediate health benefits and the long-term potential for natural conception. Embracing this journey with patience and consistency can be a transformative experience, paving the way for a healthier and more successful fertility journey.

First Consultation

This first consultation is designed to lay a strong foundation for your fertility acupuncture journey, ensuring a tailored and holistic approach to your reproductive wellness.


Book Your Consultation
  • Personalized Assessment: Comprehensive evaluation of your health history, fertility challenges, and lifestyle to understand your unique needs.
  • Introduction to Fertility Acupuncture: Explanation of how acupuncture supports fertility, including its role in hormonal balance, circulation improvement, and stress reduction.
  • Holistic Health Review: Discussion of your overall health, including diet, sleep, stress levels, and other factors that may impact fertility.
  • Treatment Plan Outline: Development of a personalized acupuncture treatment plan, including frequency and duration of sessions tailored to your fertility goals.
  • Stress Reduction Techniques: Guidance on relaxation and stress management techniques to support your fertility journey.
  • Nutritional and Lifestyle Recommendations: Personalized advice on diet and lifestyle changes that can enhance reproductive health and support treatment outcomes.
  • Supportive and Nurturing Environment: Assurance of a comfortable, supportive, and confidential treatment space.

Four-Month Fertility Acupuncture Membership 

A Comprehensive Path to Natural Conception 


Join Our Fertility Journey – Enroll in the 4-Month Program Now
  • Nurturing and Holistic Approach: Our four-month treatment package is thoughtfully crafted to support and enhance your fertility journey. 
  • Personalized Treatment Plan: The package includes a series of 16 tailored acupuncture treatments, beginning with an in-depth initial consultation to understand your unique needs.
  • Consistent and Regular Support: Spanning over four months, this program offers regular and consistent sessions, crucial for maximizing the effectiveness of acupuncture in fertility enhancement.
  • Affordable and Structured Pricing: The package is priced at an accessible rate of £200 per calendar month. This structured pricing makes it easier for you to plan and budget for your fertility journey.
  • Commitment to Your Fertility Goals: By committing to this comprehensive program, you're taking a significant step towards improving your chances of natural conception with the full support and expertise of working with Deanna.
  • Ease of Scheduling: As a member, you'll enjoy the ease of scheduling your sessions, ensuring that your treatment plan progresses smoothly and without delay.


Thank you for choosing our clinic for your treatments. We strive to provide the best possible care and ensure a smooth experience for all our clients. To help maintain the quality of our services and respect the time of both our clients and our team, we kindly request your cooperation with the following policies:
  1. Punctuality: We value your time and ours. If you are more than 15 minutes late for your appointment, we may not be able to treat you as it could disrupt the schedule for other clients. Please make every effort to arrive on time to ensure you receive the full benefit of your scheduled treatment.
  2. Treatment Selection: We understand that sometimes you want to change the type of treatment you initially booked. However, due to our preparation and planning for your treatments, we are unable to accommodate last-minute changes in treatment types. To ensure a smooth and efficient experience, please select your preferred treatment when scheduling your appointment.
  3. Cancellation Policy: Our clinic operates on a tight schedule, and last-minute cancellations can impact our ability to serve other clients. We request a minimum of 48 hours notice for appointment cancellations. Cancellations made within this 48-hour window will incur full charges.
  4. Treatment Plans : It's important for our clients to understand that while we generally offer flexibility with refunds for our treatment plans, this does not apply to our fertility treatment packages. Due to the nature and commitment required for the most effective outcomes with acupuncture for fertility, these specific packages are non-refundable once you've commenced the treatment. We emphasize the importance of regular and consistent sessions to truly harness the benefits of acupuncture in supporting fertility. Therefore, we encourage clients to carefully consider their commitment to the full course of treatment before enrolling in our fertility treatment package.
We appreciate your understanding and adherence to these policies. They enable us to maintain the high standards of care and service that you deserve.

Real Journeys, Real Joy: Acupuncture Fertility Patient Success Stories

 "Image showing the joyful moment of one of our fertility acupuncture patients holding a positive pregnancy test. The test, clearly indicating a positive result, is held in the foreground, symbolizing the successful outcome of the fertility journey through acupuncture."
"Heartwarming photo of a newborn baby boy, peacefully sleeping. His mother, who underwent regular fertility acupuncture treatments at our clinic, cradles him gently. This image encapsulates the bliss and fulfillment brought about by successful fertility support."
 "Snapshot of a heartfelt testimonial from a grateful patient. The message, displayed on a background of soft pastel, expresses her joy at being pregnant, attributing her successful conception to the stress-reducing benefits of our acupuncture treatments."

what are the benefits of having acupuncture for fertility?

Acupuncture, a key component of traditional Chinese medicine, is increasingly recognized for its potential benefits in supporting fertility. Here are some of the key benefits:
  1. Improving Blood Flow to Reproductive Organs: Acupuncture can increase blood flow to the reproductive organs, which improves the supply of nutrients and oxygen. This enhanced blood flow can help improve the health of the ovaries and uterus, potentially increasing the chances of ovulation and successful implantation.
  2. Regulating Hormones: It can help regulate hormonal imbalances, which is crucial in fertility. By promoting better hormonal balance, acupuncture may increase the likelihood of ovulation in women and improve sperm quality in men.
  3. Reducing Stress: Acupuncture is known for its ability to reduce stress and anxiety, which are often factors in fertility challenges. High levels of stress can disrupt hormonal balance and affect ovulation. By promoting relaxation, acupuncture can create a more conducive environment for conception.
  4. Enhancing the Efficacy of Fertility Treatments: When used in conjunction with fertility treatments like IVF (In Vitro Fertilization), acupuncture has been found to improve success rates. It may help by reducing the side effects of fertility medications and improving the body's response to these treatments.
  5. Supporting Overall Wellbeing: Acupuncture takes a holistic approach to health, which means it focuses on the overall wellbeing of the patient, not just the symptoms or the fertility issue alone. This overall improvement in health and wellbeing can be beneficial for fertility.
  6. Regulating Menstrual Cycles: For women with irregular menstrual cycles, acupuncture can help in regulating the cycles, making it easier to predict ovulation and optimize the timing for conception.
  7. Reducing Miscarriage Risk: Some studies suggest that acupuncture might help reduce the risk of miscarriage when used alongside conventional medical treatments.
  8. Improving Uterine Lining Thickness: A healthy uterine lining is essential to implant an embryo successfully. Acupuncture may help in improving the thickness and quality of the uterine lining.
  9. Helping with Male Fertility: It's not just beneficial for women; acupuncture can also improve male fertility by enhancing sperm quality and quantity.
  10. Alleviating Chronic Conditions: Acupuncture can also help in managing chronic health conditions that may impact fertility, such as PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) or thyroid disorders.

Enhancing IVF Success: Acupuncture For Assisted Reproduction

Enhancing Your Journey to Parenthood: Acupuncture for IVF and Assisted Reproduction

Embarking on the path to parenthood, especially through IVF or assisted reproduction, can be a journey filled with hope, anticipation, and often, emotional challenges. 

As a fertility-focused acupuncturist, I am deeply committed to supporting you every step of the way. Acupuncture, recognized for its holistic benefits, plays a vital role in complementing IVF and other assisted reproductive techniques like ICSI. Our treatments are thoughtfully tailored to align with your unique journey—whether you're undergoing a long or short IVF cycle. By enhancing blood flow to crucial reproductive organs and fostering a relaxed state of mind, acupuncture can significantly improve your body's receptivity to treatment.

But our approach goes beyond the physical. We understand that the road to conception can be emotionally taxing. Acupuncture serves not just as a physical support but as a source of tranquillity and balance. It's about nurturing your body and soul, providing a sanctuary of calm in what can often be a tumultuous process.

Every session is designed with your emotional and physical well-being in mind, helping to enhance embryo viability and optimize the success of your IVF journey. I invite you to learn more about the transformative potential of acupuncture in your reproductive journey. Let us be a part of your support system, offering not just treatment, but understanding, care, and a shared hope for your future.

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Discover the key to a successful fertility journey with our FREE guide, 'Your Path to Enhanced Fertility'. Dive into expert insights on acupuncture treatments, understanding your menstrual cycle, and improving sperm health. This guide is more than information—it's a step towards a more empowered, informed fertility journey. Whether you're just starting or seeking new avenues, our guide is tailored for you. Ready to transform your fertility journey with expert knowledge? Download your free guide now!