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an award winning acupuncture clinic in Middlesbrough. We offer customized health and wellness treatments based on traditional Chinese medicine and holistic wellness. Our acupuncture treatments include pain relief, stress relief, fertility support, ivf support, and more. 

Our comprehensive range of therapies includes traditional Chinese acupuncture, acupuncture for fertility and ivf support, gynaecology & maternity, Auricular Acupuncture, Reflexology, Cupping Therapy, acupressure, and energy healing for the mind, body & spirit. 

Each of our therapies is carefully tailored to meet the specific needs of our valued clients, ensuring a personalized approach to their well-being.

Welcome to our clinic

Introducing our team, led by highly qualified & licensed Acupuncturist Deanna Thomas (Lic.Ac, MBAcC, DipObsGyn, BSc Hons) and NADA Practitioner Anthony Thomas. Together, we're dedicated to providing high quality holistic wellness and personalized therapy.

our clinic prides itself on creating an environment of trust from your first visit. with our emphasis on open communication and deanna's extensive knowledge, you can feel comfortable and well-cared for throughout your wellness journey. 

At our practice, we are rooted in a compassionate, tailored approach to wellness. Specializing in traditional Chinese acupuncture, we offer a range of wellbeing touch acupuncture treatments to support you, from auricular acupuncture for mental health, pain management, stress relief, women's health, fertility, IVF, maternity wellbeing, menopause, and gynaecological concerns. 

Your well-being is our top priority, and we're here to support you on your journey to health and balance.

In addition to our acupuncture treatments, we are proud to offer a range of therapies from Reiki to reflexology. Our team of skilled therapists is dedicated to providing you with a diverse range of healing modalities, ensuring that you have access to comprehensive care that addresses your unique needs. Whether you seek relaxation, pain relief, or support during life's transitions, our practice is here to empower and enhance your overall well-being. Experience the power of holistic healing at our clinic today.

Welcome to our clinic, where our mission is to guide you on your wellness journey with compassion, understanding, and care. Whether you seek pain management, stress relief, support for women's health, specialized treatments for fertility, IVF support, and maternity wellbeing, our team is dedicated to providing a comprehensive and holistic approach to health.

Conveniently located in acklam, Middlesbrough, our clinic offers easy access for residents in the surrounding areas, and we provide free parking nearby for your convenience. To make your experience even smoother, you can easily book appointments online through our secure booking system, saving you time and effort.

At our practice, your well-being is at the heart of what we do. We are committed to empowering you with the tools and treatments you need to enhance your overall health and find balance in mind, body, and spirit. Discover the power of holistic healing and let us support you on your journey to optimal wellness.

"Acupuncture: The path to true wellbeing, where harmony and healing intertwine to nurture your Mind, Body &soul." - Deanna Thomas

Relax and Rejuvenate
Whether you're seeking treatment for a specific condition, to reduce pain or stress,  IVF OR  fertility support, or a boost to your overall wellbeing, Deanna Thomas Acupuncture & Wellbeing is committed to exceeding your expectations. With a blend of expert knowledge, empathy, and a personalized approach, you're in excellent hands.


enhance your fertility with Acupuncture
As a qualified and experienced acupuncturist with post-graduate qualifications, I specialize in improving fertility, providing IVF support, and offering maternity and gynaecology treatments through acupuncture.
At our clinic, our philosophy revolves around a compassionate and individualized approach to health and wellness

‚Äč"feeling stressed? this game-changing therapy is your answer!"

Dive into the world of auricular acupuncture treatments with expert acupuncturists Deanna and Anthony Thomas. Set within our healing clinical environment, each session is meticulously crafted to foster tranquillity, alleviate stress, enhance sleep quality, and reduce pain. Many clients who experience these treatments report significant relief from pain and tension, emerging with a profound sense of relaxation and rejuvenation.
Take your first step towards wellness and begin your Healing Journey today! 

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Reviews at Deanna Thomas - Acupuncture & Wellbeing

Reviews from Deanna Thomas - Acupuncture & Wellbeing
Reviews at Deanna Thomas - Acupuncture & Wellbeing

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