Deanna Thomas - Acupuncture & Wellbeing Is An Esteemed Acupuncture Clinic Located At Acklam Shops In Middlesbrough

Discover the Healing Powers of Acupuncture Middlesbrough

Deanna Thomas - acupuncture & Wellbeing is an esteemed acupuncture clinic located At Acklam Shops in Middlesbrough 

Our treatments are based on traditional Chinese medicine principles and holistic wellness, providing customized healthcare solutions to meet each patient's unique needs. 

Our clinic offers a variety of acupuncture treatments, including pain relief, stress relief, fertility support, IVF support, and more. Additionally, we provide a comprehensive range of therapies, such as traditional Chinese acupuncture, Auricular Acupuncture, reflexology, cupping therapy, acupressure, and energy healing for the mind, body & spirit.

Our team is dedicated to creating personalized treatment plans for our clients that cater to your specific needs,  including alternative medicine. 

With our comprehensive range of therapies and personalized approach to healthcare, deanna thomas - acupuncture & wellbeing is an exceptional choice for those seeking natural solutions to their healthcare needs.

deanna thomas, a highly skilled and licensed acupuncturist (, mbacc, dipobsgyn, bsc hons)and member of the british acupuncture council (bacc) , leads our practice with a deep expertise in traditional chinese medicine, including ear acupuncture .

Embark on Your Wellness Journey: Discover Our Award Winning Clinic 

Welcome to our nurturing space, where healing and personal attention form the cornerstone of our practice. We are Deanna and Anthony Thomas, a dedicated husband and wife team combining our skills and passion to deliver exceptional holistic wellness experiences.

Deanna Thomas, a highly skilled and licensed acupuncturist (Lic.Ac, MBAcC, DipObsGyn, BSc Hons)and member of the British Acupuncture Council (BAcC) , leads our practice with a deep expertise in Traditional Chinese Medicine, including ear acupuncture . Anthony Thomas, a proficient licensed auricular acupuncturist, brings his specialized knowledge to complement our comprehensive service offerings.

we believe in a holistic approach to health and wellness that encompasses physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. our therapies are designed to promote balance within the body by releasing blocked energy pathways and restoring harmony between different systems. 

Together, we are wholeheartedly devoted to providing personalized therapies tailored to your unique needs. Our clinic is more than a treatment centre; it’s a sanctuary built on trust, beginning from the first step of your journey with us. With a compassionate, individualized ethos at our core, we specialize in Traditional Chinese Acupuncture, including Chinese Cupping, and a wide range of holistic therapies.

Your Well-Being Is Our Top Priority, And We're Here To Support You On Your Journey To Health And Balance.

Experience Chinese Cupping Therapy For Enhanced Wellbeing At Deanna Thomas Acupuncture In Middlesbrough

Experience Chinese Cupping Therapy for Enhanced Wellbeing at Deanna Thomas Acupuncture in Middlesbrough

discover the healing power of Chinese cupping therapy, a time-honoured treatment renowned for addressing musculoskeletal problems. 

Our specialized cupping techniques are designed to target areas of discomfort, providing much-needed relief from chronic back pain, joint pain, and persistent neck pain.  and headaches. With each session, you'll feel the tensions of your body ease as the therapeutic cups work to release stiffness and improve mobility. Whether you're dealing with the aftermath of an injury or the stresses of daily life, our cupping therapy offers a pathway to improved health and a pain-free existence. 

Explore Auricular Acupuncture in Middlesbrough for Holistic Health and Wellness

Embark on a path to holistic well-being with auricular acupuncture with deanna and anthony thomas. This refined practice focuses on the ear's pressure points, aiming to alleviate conditions such as chronic pain, anxiety, depression, and assist in the management of mental health and PTSD. Auricular acupuncture is a subtle, yet potent, form of therapy that engages your body's natural healing processes, fostering balance and promoting inner peace. Experience this transformative approach and let the gentle power of auricular acupuncture guide you towards a state of renewed health and mental clarity.

Experience The Healing Art Of Traditional Chinese Acupuncture At Deanna Thomas Acupuncture & Wellbeing Clinic In Middlesbrough

Experience the Healing Art of Traditional Chinese Acupuncture at Deanna Thomas Acupuncture & Wellbeing Clinic in Middlesbrough

whether you're seeking treatment for a specific condition, aiming to alleviate chronic pain or stress, or looking to enhance your overall wellness with the healing powers of traditional chinese acupuncture, deanna thomas acupuncture & wellbeing is devoted to going beyond your expectations. 

with a harmonious blend of expert knowledge, empathy, and a personalized touch, rest assured, you're in excellent hands with our licensed acupuncturist, deanna thomas, who obtained a BSc in acupuncture and traditional chinese medicine from london south bank university after undergoing extensive training in these specific areas. her dedication to holistic wellness is echoed by over 300 5-star reviews on our booking system, reflecting a community of satisfied individuals who have experienced transformative care in our clinic. 

Enhance Your Fertility Journey With Specialized Acupuncture At Deanna Thomas In Middlesbrough

Enhance Your Fertility Journey with Specialized Acupuncture with Deanna Thomas in Middlesbrough

 with a wealth of experience and advanced training in acupuncture, deanna specializes in fertility acupuncture, supporting fertility, assisting with embryo transfer, balancing menstrual cycles, offering support during ivf treatment, and providing care during maternity and for gynaecological concerns through the gentle practice of acupuncture. 

her expertise aims to create a comfortable and supportive journey for you, every step of the way.  we are  here to support both men and women through their fertility challenges, helping couples to naturally conceive with the aid of traditional chinese acupuncture treatments.
Take your first step towards wellness and begin your Healing Journey today! 

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Reviews at Deanna Thomas - Acupuncture & Wellbeing

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Unlock the Secrets to Holistic Wellness with Our Exclusive Treatment Menu! 

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