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Introducing Acupuncturist Deanna Thomas

Hi, my name is Deanna Thomas, and I am the owner & lead Acupuncturist at Deanna Thomas - Acupuncture & Wellbeing. As a licensed practitioner and healthcare provider, my acupuncture clinic is located in Acklam, Middlesbrough. 

I'm a highly trained, qualified Acupuncturist with a BSc Degree in Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine. I graduated in 2021 from London Southbank University. Before that, I was a qualified holistic therapist. I have almost 20 years of experience in various holistic healing modalities. 

I believe in the power of holistic healing, using natural remedies and alternative medicine to bring balance back into my clients' lives. I strive to provide the best possible experience for each individual and create an atmosphere of trust and comfort. My commitment is to help you find the path to health and wellbeing that works best for you.

I'm a registered member of The British Acupuncture Council and The Federation of Holistic Therapists. 

As an acupuncture practitioner and award-winning therapist. My area of expertise lies in the field of women's health, where I employ complementary and alternative medicine to aid in the treatment of infertility, and mental health issues and provide support to pregnant women. I am also experienced in treating pain, tension headaches, and stress, as well as addressing symptoms that arise during perimenopause and menopause.

I am passionate about helping women feel empowered and in control of their health. My goal is to provide a safe, supportive, and nurturing environment allowing individuals to explore their healing journey. I believe in the power of self-care and strive to provide my patients with the highest quality of care and clinical standards. I take great pride in guiding my clients through individualised treatments tailored to their needs.

you know what they call alternative medicine That's been proved to work? - medicine.

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Acupuncture & Wellbeing 

Deanna Thomas - Acupuncture & Wellbeing is an award-winning & leading clinic for Acupuncture in Middlesbrough. Offering private appointments for  Traditional Chinese Acupuncture, Auricular Acupuncture, Fire Cupping Therapy, Reiki, Reflexology and many other holistic therapies, all tailored to the individual. 

The clinic is easy to access from all parts of Middlesbrough, thornaby, ingleby barwick, Stockton on Tees, Guisborough and the rest of Teesside, with free parking available at the nearby Acklam Shops.

Many people are looking for Acupuncture on the NHS, i operate a low cost community auricular acupuncture clinic that offers affordable treatments to help stress, pain management and much more.

Relax and Rejuvenate
my treatment menu has something for everyone. Whether you're looking for a relaxing acupuncture treatment or a rejuvenating facial, i have a treatment that's perfect for you. 

Get Pregnant with Acupuncture
If you're struggling to conceive, Acupuncture could be the answer. my fertility treatments have helped many women get pregnant when other methods have failed.

The Healing Hour
The Healing Hour is a community-based acupuncture treatment. offering seated auricular acupuncture sessions with Acupuncturist  Deanna Thomas, in a tranquil healing space.

Take your first step towards wellness and begin your Acupuncture Healing Journey today! 

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