what is the chakra experience?

The Chakra Experience is an online course featuring a series of classes that encompass teachings and ancient wisdom that you can use to improve your health and wellbeing. It's a seven week journey into holistic wellness. It features powerful Chakra Balancing Meditations, Crystal Healing, Chakra Balancing Essential Oils and EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) to promote natural healing. This unique course will give you insight and guidance into holistic wellness.

Just like our body's organs make up our body system, our chakras are what comprise our body's energetic system. Both are incredibly important in the whole body and whole-person wellness.

discover how your chakras affect your health and wellbeing..

Chakras are our internal energy system, when they’re in balance we have feelings such as self confidence, compassion and peace.  When they’re blocked or out of balance we can feel anxious, emotional, and can experience a whole range of mental, emotional and physical issues.  in this course you will learn how to keep your chakra's in balance.

Are you ready for a whole energy reset?!

I use a tool that has changed the way I offer healing, and this device can help me support you. This device is a Healy, and it's a device that is where science meets "woo woo". Healy is cleared by the FDA and helps the body promote natural healing within itself using over 144,000 microcurrent resonance frequencies.

Everyone who books a place on this seven-week course gets a complimentary scan of their Aura and Chakra Energy before we start the sessions, so you can start with an awareness of where you need support and balance.

I am your host

Hi, I am Deanna Thomas and I am a multi talented therapist and I specialize in Healing & Energy Work. I’m a fully qualified acupuncturist, Meditation Instructor, Aromatherapist and Advanced Crystal Therapist, colour therapist.

I am fully insured to host meditation classes and I look forward to helping you and supporting you on your wellness journey. 

a 7 week journey into the chakra's

Discover how your Chakra's effect your wellbeing. 

join my guided meditation Chakra and eft sessions

Guided Meditation offers you the space to relax and heal your mind, body and spirit. I will be holding space for you every week over the seven weeks and helping you to find peace and balance, to destress your mind and uplift your energy. sessions will be coupled with eft to help support your emotional healing.

crystals & essential oils

These are both wonderful tools that you will receive to help you on your wellness journey. I will be sending you a set of seven crystals for chakra healing and a set of chakra essential oils blends.

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