Meditation Practitioner Training

Study To Become A Meditation Practitioner

Are you looking to enhance your skills in teaching and sharing meditation practices or facilitating one-to-one sessions or groups sessions? Then this course is going to be perfect for you.

Meditation brings many scientifically proven benefits to your health and wellbeing, and now you can share those benefits with others. Whether they be your clients or family and friends, you will be able to help any number of people to uncover the power of making meditation part of their lives. The joy of meditation is that it can be practised just about anywhere, and you, as a Meditation Practitioner / Teacher, can help guide individuals, groups in your local area or even groups around the world through the internet.

This course will teach you how to facilitate professional meditation and mindfulness in both group sessions and one to one. 

What is Meditation?

Meditation is a technique used for thousands of years to develop an awareness of the present moment. 
When we sit to meditate, we look after ourselves in ways that might not initially seem obvious. The benefits of meditation are numerous and varied and supported by science. Many people start meditating to manage stress, reduce anxiety, and to cultivate peace of mind. But there are thousands of studies documenting other less-known mindfulness meditation benefits, which can positively impact mental, physical, and emotional health. 
Emotional Benefits. the brain is the part of the body where meditation can really work its magic. we can become more capable of coping with our emotions when we meditate and practice viewing heighted emotions as passing states. meditation can help us change our mindset, perspective and it can help alter our brainwaves so that we rewired them towards more positive thoughts and emotions. 
you can also use to increase your awareness of yourself and your surroundings. many people think of it as a way to reduce stress and develop concentration. 
people also practice meditation to develop other beneficial habits and feelings, such as creating a positive mood and outlook, helping to cultivate more self discipline, healthy sleep patterns, and even increased pain tolerance.
"Deanna hosted a Meditation Practitioner Course that I attended with a small group, and it was excellent. Deanna has a wonderful natural warmth and made us feel very welcome. Her passion for her work was obvious and infectious. I really enjoyed the course and learned some valuable new skills. I would highly recommend it.."


Holistic Therapist
"Highly recommended I had a lovely day with Deanna relaxed and informative, very supportive and enjoyable lots of advice and tips."


Reiki Practitioner

Meet Instructor Deanna Thomas

Hi, I am the course instructor and a qualified tutor with the IPHM. I love teaching this course; it's one of my favourites because it combines many meditation practices to help you become confident and comfortable with delivering your meditation circles, groups, classes and one-to-one sessions. 

I will teach you the science behind how meditation works and how it benefits both the body & the mind. I support and guide you to find your unique strengths with this practice, help you develop your meditation scripts, find your area of focus and give you some handy tips and tricks for setting up your sessions and marketing to your ideal clients.

I have spent much of the past five years hosting online and in-person meditation classes and one-to-one sessions. Meditation has so many advantages that it's become more popular than ever. Health, well-being, and mental processes improve with meditation, and the benefits increase steadily over time. If meditation works so well for an individual, that power can be amplified in a group setting. i train small groups and individuals in middlesbrough. my courses are accredited by the iphm, so they are fully insurable. they also carry essential cpd points.  

What's included?

you will learn:
  • how meditation works and the different types of meditation
  • how to work safely and effectively
  • The benefits of meditation
  • contraindications and contractions of meditation
  • how to conduct a professional meditation group session and one to one session.
  • how to ground and clear energy.
  • how to create your own meditation scripts.
  • you will learn about brain waves.
  • how to use and enhance the senses during your sessions
  • other tools and techniques such as affirmations, apps, binaural beats, frequency music
  • you will also get to practice leading a meditation session
  • your investment is £199 for in person accredited training, this can be held at either my clinic or at your therapy space. you are given a comprehensive manual, script pack, meditation journal kit to get started with and once  completed you will be given a beautiful professional certificate.
if you would like to book a date to attend this course please register (click the button above) your details and i will get intouch by email. 
alternatively you can email me at