Magic Oils Mantra Cards Are a finalist in the health & wellbeing awards!!

discover the magic of essential oils, This deck is ideal for any essential oil beginner or enthusiast who wants to discover the deeper messages of the plant kingdom. You can use the deck for daily guidance, to help you cultivate a more positive mindset, and help you learn how to use essential oils. 

this deck contains 54 magical cards featuring powerful essential oils to enhance your health and wellbeing.

"Absolutely stunning cards, thank you, I used them on Friday for an Aromatherapy workshop for teenagers with mental health concerns and they loved them. Thank you."
"I bought Magic Oils Mantra Cards. They are absolutely beautiful. One side of each card has a mantra for the essential oil and the other side has information on its various properties and how to use the essential oil. I highly recommend these cards."

Transform your health & wellbeing with the help of essential oils

This deck of cards has been beautifully created as an Essential Oils guide to help you learn how to use Essential Oils. You will discover how to use Essential oils to help support your health & wellbeing.

There are 54 cards in this deck, and it comes in a beautiful tuck box. All 54 cards are themed on essential oils, and every card includes a powerful aligned Mantra for you to work with. 

There are two additional cards in the deck one for safety guidelines and the other guiding you on how to use the cards.

The cards that you draw will match your energetic vibration and guide you in using Magic Oils in various ways. essential oils are incredible because they have been used for thousands of years for natural remedies. 

The Mantras that you see on each card are a positive affirmation that has been powerfully aligned to the essential oils' emotional and spiritual properties, intending to help you rebalance your energy and support your mind, body, and spirit. 

limited stock available, just £25 per deck with free Uk delivery. 

"Just received my ordered set of Magic Oils Mantra Cards. Wow! they are amazing n came so beautifully packaged. Love them. 💕💕"
"Hi Deanna... I just wanted to say thank you for my Magic Oil Mantra Cards... I've received them today, and they are absolutely beautiful...! They're perfect; and just what I was looking for; so thank you... with love and sparkles... Mandy xx


why i created this deck

Hi, I am Deanna Thomas, a Best Selling & International Author and Qualified Aromatherapist & Wellness Coach. I wanted to create something unique that's special that people could use for daily inspiration to help them learn about essential oils safely and efficiently and deeply connect with their essential oils. Essentially this beautiful deck gives you Essential Oil Magic in a Box! 

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