discover the magic of essential oils

With this unique deck you can discover the Magic of Essential Oils for Healing and Transformation. Created by Deanna Thomas, each of these 54 cards feature powerful Essential Oils. These cards are brimming with ideas on how you can use the oils for wellbeing, health, and around the home. You can tap into the Magical benefits of Essential Oils by working with the Essential Oil Mantra that each card has to help rebalance your energy.

Magic Oils Mantra Cards

This deck of cards has been beautifully created as an Essential Oils guide to help you learn how to use Essential Oils. You will discover how to use Essential oils to help support your health & wellbeing.

There are 54 cards in this deck, and it comes in a beautiful tuck box. All 54 cards are themed on essential oils, and every card includes a powerful aligned Mantra for you to work with. There are two additional cards in the deck one for safety guidelines and the other guiding you on how to use the cards.

The cards that you draw will match your energetic vibration and guide you in using Magic Oils in various ways. I believe that essential oils are magic because they have been used for thousands of years as natural remedies.

The Mantras that you see on each card are a positive affirmation that has been powerfully aligned to the essential oils' emotional and spiritual properties, intending to help you rebalance your energy and support your mind, body, and spirit.

These decks are in stock and available to buy from £25 with free postage and packaging in the Uk. International shipping is also available through my Etsy Store.

The deck is a finalist in the health & wellbeing awards 2021.

why i created this deck

After writing my Essential Oils Journal as an Aromatherapist & Wellness Advocate and working with people worldwide, I wanted to create something special that people could use as a daily inspiration and give them their own little bit of Essential Oil Magic in a Box! 

some of my blog articles feature the cards and share with you how amazing they are!

I have also created an A4 Essential Oils Journal to match this deck which is available to buy from Etsy.

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