hopi ear candling

learn how to do hopi ear candling

Fast becoming a popular therapy in the West Hopi can be used for a wide variety of symptoms, not only those associated with the ear. Hopi induces a relaxed state which helps the body to be better equipped to fight imbalances.

This course consists of a day covering theory and practical to learn the use of Hopi candles, a facial massage routine, and practice technique until confident. The course is accredited by The Guild of Holistic Therapists and will earn you 12 CPD points.

You will learn to safely use Hopi candles and how to interpret the results and advise on future treatments. There is also a facial massage routine included in the course that covers the face and neck. Techniques such as effleurage, light petrissage, tapotement, and frictions will be taught to help provide a relaxing and effective treatment following the candling.

This course will use plain base oils for the massage. Unless you are qualified in Aromatherapy, it is unwise and potentially unsafe to use essential oils. All aspects of required health & safety are covered, as are hygiene and professional conduct.

Training is available in Ingleby Barwick.

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