Acupuncture for fertility

do you need help to conceive naturally? 

It's estimated that 3.5 million people suffer from some form of fertility problem in the United Kingdom, affecting around one in six couples. This means that one in six couples in the UK will struggle with naturally conceiving. 

In the last 20 years infertility has become one of the most prevalent conditions seen by acupuncturists. Many people choose acupuncture because they want to avoid assisted conception; some because they have heard it is a beneficial support treatment during assisted conception; others because they have tried everything else and want to explore all the options that may help them conceive. 

Whatever your reason for considering acupuncture for fertility, it can be an excellent way to help bring you into better balance wherever you may be in your fertility journey.  Whether you are trying to conceive naturally, or through assisted conception, I can support you.

Research Shows That Acupuncture May Benefit Fertility By:

  • regulating fertility hormones - stress and other factors can cause hormonal imbalances that can negatively impact fertility. 
  • regulating the menstrual cycle and improving the lining of the uterus.
  • increasing blood flow to the reproductive organs 
  • counteracting the effects of the polycystic ovarian syndrome (pcos) - pcos is one of the most common causes of female infertility
  • improving sperm count, motility and quality
  • a recent review with nine randomised trials showed acupuncture to be better than the commonly used fertility drug clomiphene for pregnancy rate, pregnancy loss and follicle size (gao 2020) .
  • acupuncture can also ease stress and anxiety, both in general and that associated with trying to conceive. emotional wellbeing is an important part of health and excessive or inappropriate emotions may affect physical functioning, including that of the reproductive system.
  • research also shows acupuncture helps with reducing the risk of miscarriage. 

you can trust that you'll receive only top-notch care with your visit.

I am delighted to announce that my acupuncture clinic in Middlesbrough has been placed in the top 3 for the region. This is a great achievement for myself and is testament to my hard work, dedication and commitment.

The assessment process was rigorous, with each element of our practice undergoing an extensive 50-point inspection. From customer service standards, hygiene practices and quality of treatment delivered, we had to meet a high set of expectations before being awarded this prestigious accolade.

get pregnant naturally with the help of a fertility specialist acupuncturist.  

Hi, I'm Deanna thomas and I am a fully qualified and insured Acupuncturist. I studied at the prestigious Northern College of Acupuncture in York, I studied for over 3 years to graduate with a BSc (Hons) degree in Acupuncture. 

As Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncturist I have extensive training in clinical therapies including Eastern medicine, anatomy and physiology combined with western medicine.  I am a registered member of The British Acupuncture Council(BAcC) is the Uk's largest regulatory body for practitioners of traditional acupuncture. 

Alongside working with fertility patients, I am undertaking post-graduate studies to specialise my wellbeing clinic in women's health & fertility. 

I have been treating fertility patients in my clinic since I graduated and opened my practice. I have had some amazing success with acupuncture, so if you are feeling stuck and looking for a natural way to assist conception, then acupuncture is worth considering.

I receive many enquiries from women struggling with fertility issues and looking to use acupuncture as a support. However, some women do not realise when they make their enquiries that it is necessary to have regular acupuncture sessions to optimise their fertility journeys. 'One-off' acupuncture sessions do not create the outcome most women want. Commitment to a regular programme is key if you want acupuncture treatments to support your fertility journey, the reasoning here is to allow your body at least three cycles to prepare itself for implantation. acupuncture and improving egg quality are always the focus. 

this innovative approach to improving fertility has been shown to be a safe and effective solution for couples struggling with infertility. acupuncture has been used for centuries as a healing modality, but its use in treating fertility issues is becoming increasingly popular. 

How much do fertility Acupuncture Treatments cost?

1st Consultation

acupuncture treatment


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  • Your treatment plan  will incorporate a Chinese medicine approach to take a comprehensive look at the menstrual cycle to see how each phase of your cycle is performing in order to see  where improvements can be made. We will also discuss taking your basal body temperature, signs of ovulation, your general health, diet and lifestyle and any stress which could be affecting your reproductive wellbeing.
  • receive your first treatment tailored to where you are on your cycle
  • receive tailored nutrition, lifestyle, stress management plan to support your fertility
  • get 35% discount on high quality fertility supplements to support your egg quality and pregnancy journey
  • be guided with how to listen to your body to understand when your best chances of conception are
  • this option is suitable for you even if you are embarking on an ivf pathway

the pre pregnancy

3 month package


Monthly Payment Plan
  • you can pay for this in full or through 3 instalments of £180 saving  you £15
  • this package includes 12 acupuncture treatments that are scheduled weekly to begin with
  • conveniently plan when all your treatments are going to be at times to suit you
  • you get priority booking on your appointments with evening and weekend availability
  • treatments are tailored to where you are in your cycle to support your body to naturally conceive
  • get 35% discount on high quality fertility supplements to support your egg quality and pregnancy journey
  • receive a basal temperature tracking kit & ebook guide to support your healing

don't wait any longer to make your dreams of becoming a parent come true. take advantage of the power of fertility acupuncture treatments today and let me help you on your journey to naturally conceive. with clinical research proving positive results, it is time to start turning your hopes into reality! 

Fertility Acupuncture with Deanna Thomas
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Fertility Acupuncture with Deanna Thomas

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