Adaptiv - Doterra Blend

⚡️ Adaptiv is perfect for relaxing the mind and body. Use it for your most stressful moments - a big day at work, PTA meetings, potty training - or other significant events! Adaptiv is perfect for studying to increase focus and calm any nerves.

Adaptiv offers a soothing and calming aroma. This blend is made up of:

💙 Wild Orange → Invigorating & sweet
💙 Lavender → Calming & soothing
💙 Copaiba → Calm & steady
💙 Spearmint → Relieving & uplifting
💙 Magnolia → Opening & heavenly
💙 Rosemary → Refreshing & clearing
💙 Neroli → Rejuvenating & tranquil 
💙 Sweetgum → Floral & spicy

In clinical research done by doTERRA, participants repeatedly commented feelings of calm, contentment, positive, and happiness. “Participants self-reported having lower levels of stress and anxious feelings…”

Adaptiv is known for:

Mood support
Complementing effective work and study
Increasing feelings of tranquillity
Being soothing and uplifting
Its calming and relaxing aroma

Here's a recipe that you can try with this beautiful blend 👇👇 Share your love for Adaptiv in the comments. 


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