8 Ways to use Essential Oil Cards

essential oil cards

I loved creating this deck with designer Vicki Nicholson, and this beautiful deck has been shortlisted for several awards, including the Soul & Spirit and The Health & Wellbeing Awards. My cards have been sent worldwide to buyers in different destinations, including Canada, Italy, Denmark, Spain, China, and Japan. Each beautiful box contains 54 gorgeous essential oil affirmation cards, and they come in a lovely box. 

I thought I would share some inspiration on how you can use these cards in your daily rituals and self-care practices. 

What do I like to do with mine? 
When I wake up in the morning, I ask the cards what perspective I need to take me through the day. I then randomly choose an affirmation card. I use the words written on the card as my Mantra. It gives me purpose through mindfulness, goal setting, work and relaxation. I then like to work with the essential oil throughout the day. It is a great way to feel inspired by your essential oils as you learn about the oil's properties and all the lovely ways that you can use essential oils. 

Whilst we think that we are drawing the cards randomly, there are no coincidences as the cards you draw will match your energetic vibration and guide you in using Essential Oils in various ways. 

1. Daily Draws
Leave your deck in your car, take it with you in a purse, and keep it on your desk at work. Put it somewhere where you won't forget about your daily reading. Shuffle the deck and take out a card. Read the day's affirmation and keep it in mind throughout the day. You can then use the essential oil by taking aligned steps to enhance your self-care and emotional wellbeing by creating a recipe or task suggested on the card.
2. Meditation Mantra
Pick a card before your meditation practice and use it like a mantra throughout your practice. You can even say it out loud as you meditate. You could also put a couple of drops of the essential oil in a diffuser and have it diffusing whilst you meditate. 

3. Decorate Displays 
Glue some of your favourite cards to the bathroom mirror, or make a fabulous display with your essential oils and cards in your home to enhance your environment. 

One of my customers purchased a deck of cards to help her dress her table at health and wellbeing fairs; you can use the cards to dress up your table of essential oils and self-care products. It's a great way to attract customers to your table. 

You can create an altar in the home and even use fairy lights to make it looks all pretty. Placing your cards on display helps to inspire and encourage you to bring some positive energy and blessings into your space. This will look amazing, but it will also remind you to work with this essential oil's energy. 

4. Ask questions
If you have a question on your mind that you are looking for an answer to, ask the question and draw a card. Example: "What affirmation and essential oil will most help me with my self-care right now?"

5. Give your cards away
Your deck doesn't have to stay all in one piece—gift different cards to different friends and loved ones. If there is a specific affirmation that resonates with what your friend is going through, gift it to them. You could send a card with samples to help potential prospects and clients use the essential oils and enhance its transformational energy by working with the Mantra. 
6. Mirror
 Put a card on your mirror and read out loud the affirmation. Make sure to look yourself right in the eyes when you do this. There is a special magic in saying something while looking at yourself in the mirror. This should help you feel through the affirmation and truly manifest it. These cards work well in a vision board picture frame. 

7. Classes
If you are teaching essential oil classes in person or online, you can use the cards to choose an oil for your clients or students. 

8. Journal
Start your journal routine with a cup of tea to focus your mind. Choose a magic mantra essential oil oracle card that you feel drawn to. Reflect on the message. How can you apply your affirmation to your goals? 

For example, if your message focuses on speaking your truth and communicating your needs, it is likely a sign that it's time to focus on your communication skills. You could then focus on building your confidence to express what you need, perhaps practising what you want to say before saying it.

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