Acupuncture as a HRT Replacement

The media are talking about all the HRT Shortages and how that's having a significant effect on women struggling to find relief from menopausal symptoms. 

Typically the symptoms of menopause will be treated using Hormone Replacement Therapy which is thought to ease hot flushes and sweats. But,  there is a national shortage of these medicines, and it's not suitable for all women. Research published last week showed the increased risk of cancer when taking some HRT medication. So why aren't natural alternatives being promoted to women? 

Acupuncture provides women with a natural alternative to these medications. Clinical studies show that acupuncture is a non-evasive, gentle and effective way of combating the symptoms of menopause that works by balancing hormones, which reduces the frequency and intensity of symptoms such as hot flushes, mood swings, insomnia, headaches, and more.

Acupuncture is a 3000-year-old Traditional Chinese session focused on balancing the body, making it an ideal method of dealing with menopause, a change that inherently leaves the body hormonally unbalanced. 

Traditional Medicine understands that menopause is a natural occurrence caused by a deficiency of yin. The upset in the balance of yin and yang means that your body is struggling to balance your hormones and natural rhythm. 

An acupuncturist can work with you to help you become more in tune with your body and understand what exactly you are experiencing as a result of menopause. Your symptoms can then be managed using a combination of acupuncture and self-care, which considers your lifestyle choices, diet, and daily life to help create a life in which you have more control over your menopausal symptoms.

Acupuncturists understand that all women will experience menopause differently and will require a different approach. Taking into account your physical, mental and emotional history, acupuncturists work to create a treatment protocol that works with your body and considers the ever-changing symptoms.

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