Ylang Ylang the Oil of the Inner Child

In each of us, there is a young, suffering child. We were all at one time children. And the child you once were did not just up and vanish, to be replaced by a perfectly formed, always responsible adult.

Indeed, most of us act very much like children, at least now and then. It’s in the moment you have a meltdown over a parking ticket, or you react to a bad day.

If we had a tough or loveless childhood, some of us are actually children most (if not all) of the time. We might look like an adult, but inside is an angry and upset child.

Inner-child work is a powerful tool for healing from trauma, dysfunctional patterns, and self-harming behaviour's. The inner-child is not a literal child; it is a metaphorical “little you.” The part of your psyche that is still childlike, innocent, and full of wonder.

While Inner child work is work you do either by yourself or with a therapist to resolve the childhood emotions and experiences, this ‘inner child’ still holds and harnesses the joy, innocence, and confidence that were your birth right.

Ylang Ylang is a powerful essential oil that promotes healing emotionally and spiritually for our inner child. What makes this deck so special is that it is a powerful tool for transformation, it’s aligned with a powerful mantra that can help heal and support your inner child. To promote self-love and inner peace. On the reverse of this card, you will also learn about all the many ways that you can use Ylang Ylang Essential oil for skincare, its mood-boosting properties, emotional support, and stress-relieving powers.

The people around us, our family and friends, may also have a severely wounded child inside. If we’ve managed to help ourselves, we can also help them. When we’ve healed ourselves, our relationships with others become much easier. There are more peace and more love in us.

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