Melissa - The essential oil of light

Melissa essential oil offers its magical support to energetic shifts, inner expansion, and in the cultivation of deeper awareness. It is wonderful to use before bed as an anxiolytic— and it activates the dream space. Melissa, meaning honeybee in Greek, inspires hope, joy, and sweetness of spirit. Allow this citrus fragrance to induce feelings of love and good cheer in place of hopelessness or self-doubt.

Today, Melissa is widely known for its sweet, pleasant, fresh aroma, and its amazing effects on the skin, blood, and nervous system, as it is used in all sorts of balms and salves. Melissa not only works wonders for the body, it is also an amazing penetrator of the deep layers of the human psyche to help restore clarity! 
That's why this card has a beautiful & powerful mantra to help support you, its the Essential Oil of Light  Melissa oil awakens the soul to truth and light. It reminds individuals of who they truly are and why they came to this earth. 
Melissa invites one to release everything and anything that holds them back from reaching their fullest potential. Melissa assists individuals in receiving spiritual guidance by reconnecting them with their inner voice. This oil invites one to participate in higher realms of living and dreaming. As they stay connected to spiritual sources, they feel lightness in their being and brightness in their core. Melissa reminds everyone that each individual has a spark of divinity within them, and with love and attention, the spark will grow. This oil fuels that spark of energy, igniting an individual’s True Self. Melissa assists them in shedding everything that is not in harmony with their inner light 
Magic Oils Mantra Cards 54 Magical Cards featuring Powerful Essential Oils & Mantra's to Enhance your Health & Wellbeing. The cards you draw will match your energetic vibration and guide you in using Magic Oils in various ways. The Mantras are a sentence or two intended to rebalance your energy and realign your mind, body, heart, and soul.  

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