Helichrysum - the oil of healing

I want to dive into the topic of Healing, and specifically around emotional Healing. As an Aromatherapist & Student Acupuncturist, I find it fascinating that emotional issues can manifest in the body's tissues, and if left unresolved, can manifest as pain & tension.

That's why I love essential oils so much because the scent of essential oils can affect many things, one being your emotional state. Essential Oils have the power to delight our senses and uplift our mood.

When the scent of essential oil is inhaled, the molecules travel up the nostrils to the olfactory bulb, which then transmits that info to our limbic system, also referred to as the 'emotional brain' — where emotions and memories are stored. That's how Essential oils can support our bodies both physiologically and psychologically! How great is that?

Helichrysum is the essential oil of Healing, and it's a powerful essential oil that can help relieve pain and tension. This oil can support you physically, emotionally, and spiritually with your healing journey, helping you to transform any turmoil or heavy feelings so that you begin to face things with courage and determination positively.

I have loved creating this transformational deck. Each beautiful Magic Oil Mantra Card features a different essential oil and how you can use it to support your healing journey, uplift your mood and improve your wellbeing. Mantras are an incredible tool that you can use to feel more empowered and transform your wellness.

These beautiful magic oils mantra cards share with you the many ways that you can use essential oils. The deck contains 54 cards and comes in a beautiful box—just £23 with free postage & packing in the UK.

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