Aura Readings & Photography

As an energy healer, intuitive and natural clairvoyant, I love to capture peoples Auras. The Aura is a distinctive atmosphere or energy that surrounds or is created by a person, place or thing.

The Aura is our spiritual life force energy that surrounds the physical body. It is like a bubble of protective energy that most of us can't see, but many of us can feel it.

Aura photography is a way to translate those auras into the physical world. With special equipment, I can record and display the electromagnetic energy coming from a person's body and transform those readings into a beautiful colourful portrait.

My Aura readings offer you the unique opportunity to see your spiritual energy and discover more about yourself. Your Aura colours also reflect where you are in your consciousness and your spiritual, physical, and emotional awareness. 

Getting your photo taken is often accompanied by a reading that explains the colours visible in your portrait, the density or opacity of each colour, and the placement of each “cloud” of colour.

 Whether you believe in the aura reading or not, you can appreciate the beautiful and ethereal images. 

Aura Readings Uk

about My aura Readings

I have been working as an Aura photographer for the past two years. I absolutely love it. It's so fascinating to see peoples' spiritual energy. As an intuitive therapist, I tune into your energy to give you guidance and insight into your energy, wellbeing and spiritual path.

Aura Photography works through using the science of biofeedback, colour therapy, and energy medicine; it's fascinating.

Aura Parties now available

Aura parties are a great way to get friends together and have a fun evening getting your aura's photographed all in the convenience in your own home. I am available for party bookings between 3-6 people within a 30 mile radius of Teesside, Uk.
please Contact me if you would like look into this further.

What's included in your session?

I offer in person Aura Photography Sessions in Thornaby. I also offer online Aura Readings, which means I can connect with you anywhere in the world and offer you insight and guidance into your energy. I have three packages available for you.

aura photo

Get a gorgeous Aura Photo taken at my studio, and you will receive a digital photo to keep and treasure and so that you can share it across your socials.

aura & chakra balancing

Get a gorgeous Aura Photo taken at my studio and a 40-minute chakra healing session to leave you feeling revitalised and energised. You will also get a personalised, comprehensive report on your aura and wellness.

aura readings

Get a gorgeous Aura Photo taken at my studio, and you will receive an intuitive reading. You will also get a personalised, comprehensive report on your aura and wellness.

"I have had the pleasure of an aura photography reading session with Deanna today. I was unsure what to expect but Deanna explained the whole process and I was completely amazed what she was able to tell me, including mentioning a recurring shoulder issue I have.  Deanna is such a warm and bubbly person who immediately makes you feel at ease. I highly recommend to anyone wanting to try something a little different.."
"I had my aura photo taken by Deanna. I'm not too fond of cameras, but her thoughtful approach made it a beautiful experience. I felt at ease in her presence immediately. She is very professional, knowledgeable yet extremely friendly and easy to connect with. I received my full report and photograph in the post beautifully presented as well with loads of insight. The report is detailed and very accurate and will help me move forward in the future. I couldn't recommend Deanna highly enough. Thank you for making this experience a memorable one."


I had an aura reading with Deanna & was blown away by the accuracy of everything she said. 
I felt so empowered & uplifted afterwards.
I'll be back!!! 

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