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Discover your true colours

Have you seen any aura photos floating about on social media? have you wondered what it is and how it works?
Perhaps you've been wondering where can I get my aura photographed.

You may feel drawn to aura photography & aura imaging and want to discover more about your aura & how to heal your mind, body, and spirit. 

why not book in and have your aura portrait done.

Aura photography offers insight and guidance into your energy, health and well-being. It's an exclusive opportunity to see and learn about your vibrational energy field.

Modern science has developed instruments sensitive enough to prove what ancient healing arts like acupuncture have relied on for centuries: that we are a field of energy with channels running through us and into our organs, down through every cell in our body. We take in energy from the ether around us through major power centres called chakras, which allow us to experience a vital and intimate connection to the world.

An aura is said to be a distinctive feeling or character, the air of a person or place perceived by those who encounter or experience them. in Latin and ancient greek, the literal word 'aura' means wind, breeze, or breath, and it also meant a gentle breeze' in medieval English. as people, we are all unique. Every living thing is thought to have an aura. 
Purple Teal Aura

why work with deanna?

Deanna Thomas has been in the spiritual and energy healing space for OVER 20 years. She has taught MANY  people how to develop their sensitivity and cultivate their personal power with healthy emotional and energetic boundaries. 

Deanna holds several qualifications in energy medicine, including being a licenced, degree-trained traditional acupuncturist. She enjoys working with people to help them improve and enhance the body's natural healing capabilities. She is also passionate about helping women through the journey of conscious conception, pregnancy, and natural fertility.

How does it work?

The aura camera works by using specialist computer equipment and biofeedback resonance. This powerful technology is built on the foundation of colour analysis, chakra & aura energy. 

Modern science has developed instruments sensitive enough to prove what ancient healing arts like acupuncture have relied on for centuries: that we are a field of energy with channels running through us and into our organs, down through every cell in our body.

State-of-the-art equipment accurately collects and records data from your hands (by tuning into your chakras and meridians to record a state of balance).  

These sessions offer you detailed colour analysis, accurate insight & guidance into your energy, well-being and spiritual development.

Aura Photography 

sessions are available online and in person. I am also taking bookings for private events, functions and house parties. find out below what's included.

get a unique aura photo

Aura photography sessions include an intuitive analysis of your colours and what they reveal about you. Together we will look at your spiritual development to give you insight into the road ahead. 

You will receive either a digital aura photo or a printed one, alongside a comprehensive & detailed report of your Aura & chakra energy. 

discover what vibration your chakras are functioning at
"Chakra" is a Sanskrit word that means "disk" or "wheel". It is used to denote the centres of energy in the human body. 

The Chakras are associated with the nerves of our body and several major organs. If the Chakras are balanced and open, it leads to a healthy and joyful life. However, a blockage in the Chakra can lead to negative physical and emotional symptoms related to the associated Chakras. 

Chakra Healing Therapy

Exclusive to my wellbeing clinic is a powerful form of Chakra Healing Therapy that brings together several unique healing modalities. 

Your Aura Photography session may offer insight into your health and wellbeing, and you may befit from having your Chakras rebalanced. Many people book this either alongside the Aura Photography Session or afterwards.

client testimonials

"One of the best of any type of reading I have had in over 30yrs. If you get chance for the aura photography and session with Deanna (all included) then do it."
— Steve
yellow aura
"I have had the pleasure of an aura photography session with Deanna. I was unsure what to expect but Deanna explained the whole process and I was completely amazed what she was able to tell me, including mentioning a recurring shoulder issue I have.  Deanna is such a warm and bubbly person who immediately makes you feel at ease. I highly recommend to anyone wanting to try something a little different.."
"So today I have been to see Deanna Thomas - Acupuncture & Wellbeing and i had the the ultimate chakra experience which came with an aura photo and a powerful chakra  healing session. I Would highly recommend, it is amazing how it all works .

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Upcoming Spiritual & Wellness Fairs I am attending with the aura camera

This year, I am excited to announce that I will be attending a variety of wellness and spiritual fairs across the country. These events are a fantastic opportunity to immerse oneself in the world of holistic well-being, exploring new therapies, engaging with like-minded individuals, and embracing personal growth. 

  • Wolf & witch night market - 24/08/23 middlesbrough (click for details)
  • HOLISTIC AND WELLBEING FAIR - Boston SPA VILLAGE HALL 24/09/2023 (10am to 3pm)
  • Knaresborough WELLNESS FESTIVAL, SEPT 2023 *TBC
  • Northallerton holistic & wellness fayre 1st of October 2023 (10am to 4pm)
 In addition to my current bookings, I am available for further engagements and would be delighted to bring my unique services to even more fairs and gatherings. If you are interested in booking me for your event, please don't hesitate to get in touch to discuss how we can collaborate to create a truly enriching and memorable experience for your attendees.