Aura Photography & Healing

We live in a Universe full of vibrations, energy, also our thoughts are vibrations. The Aura is a magnetic field that we all have, including animals, plants, minerals, which is not seen, but is perceived and detected through 

some techniques.

The Aura is our spiritual life force energy that surrounds the physical body. It is like a bubble of protective energy that most of us can't see, but many of us can feel it.

Aura photography is a way to translate those auras into the physical world. With special equipment, I can record and display the electromagnetic energy coming from a person's body and transform those readings into a beautiful colourful portrait.

My Aura photography sessions offer you the unique opportunity to see your spiritual energy and discover more about yourself. Your Aura colours also reflect where you are in your consciousness and your spiritual, physical, and emotional awareness. 

Getting your photo taken is often accompanied by a intuitive  analysis that explains the colours visible in your portrait, the density or opacity of each colour, and the placement of each “cloud” of colour.  Whether you believe in the aura or not, you can appreciate the beautiful and ethereal images. 

I am now offering appointments at my wellbeing clinic in Thornaby, where you can come along and have Aura Photography done or you can receive chakra and aura healing.  I have created different packages for you to get the most benefit from your experience.

what are chakra's?

Our bodies are a magnificent network of intelligent and intricate spinning and weaving energy.  Our bodies can reveal to us a great deal of what is going on with them. This may be soreness in the calves, pain in the hips, feeling sick in the stomach, tense in the shoulders, or headaches. These are all physical signs, but there are also emotional signs, which can lead us to the 7 energy centres of our human body called the Chakra’s.

available services

Enhance your Healing journey with The Chakra Experience. This is the ultimate package to rebalance and revitalise your spiritual, mental and emotional health and wellbeing. 

aura photography sessions

Get a gorgeous Aura Photo taken at my clinic, and you will receive a digital photo to keep and treasure and so that you can share it across your socials.

You will also receive an in depth report that is sent to you via email to explain your energy and colours an wellness.

sessions are priced at £35

the chakra expeirence
This treatment is bespoke to my wellbeing clinic, and it's an incredibly relaxing and is a powerful healing session. The human body contains hundreds of acupuncture points, and the chakras are seven of the most significant. sessions are priced at £60

This treatment offers the most incredible healing experience, it brings together several powerful healing modality's.
  • Colour Therapy & Led Light Frequencies
  •  Crystal & Chakra Healing through powerful Vogel Crystals
  •  Inner Voice Scan & Binaural Beats and Sound Frequencies
  •  Ten Acupuncture needles are inserted in the hands, arms, legs and feet to help support immunity, digestion, energy, and to rebalance your Qi
  • Auricular Therapy - Swarovski Crystal Ear Seeds to support your energy & Wellbeing
  • Aromatherapy - uplifting and calming essential oils are diffused during your session to help you feel relaxed and at peaceful

exclusive offer
Blocked energy in the body can lead to illness and other ailments which is why I have created this package.

book in for both the aura photography session and the chakra experience for both £79.99 (rrp £95) when booked together for the same day.

When you arrive for your appointment, you will experience an insightful Aura photography session and have a powerful healing session straight afterwards to rebalance your chakras and strengthen your energy & aura completely. Healing mind, body and spirit.

client testimonials

"So this is me in the picture, not everyone believes in things like this, and I'm not sure I did until I felt it for myself during the treatment. I can't put it into words, but I know I've felt different after having it. Maybe it's mind over matter, maybe not! But I would recommend it."

"I have had the pleasure of an aura photography  session with Deanna. I was unsure what to expect but Deanna explained the whole process and I was completely amazed what she was able to tell me, including mentioning a recurring shoulder issue I have.  Deanna is such a warm and bubbly person who immediately makes you feel at ease. I highly recommend to anyone wanting to try something a little different.."
"I had the Chaka Experience, and it was amazing. Deanna talked me through everything and explained how it worked. She made me very comfortable and so relaxed I almost fell asleep. It was such a lovely experience. Deanna is a beautiful kind lady who is very approachable, professional and knowledgeable.
Highly recommend."
"I haven't been feeling well this week, to the point I've had to cancel my work. I went along to Deanna Thomas - Acupuncture & Wellbeing & had The Chakra Experience. All I can say is 'wow, what an experience I had, 10 point acupuncture, Chakra Balance, light & sound therapy. She also did an inner voice scan that came with a personal bio & healing frequencies to listen to & put some crystal chakra ear seeds on my ear's pressure points, which I have to press on them over the next couple of days. I felt so relaxed, calm & at ease within myself. Deanna is amazing & so knowledgeable. I would recommend this treatment to anyone feeling out of sorts, run-down, or just wanting to experience this wonderful, amazing treatment. Thank you so much, Deanna, I look forward to more acupuncture."

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